Toro Australia

Toro Finance - Equipment

To be successful, you need to acquire the best equipment and do so within budgetary constraints. Toro will evaluate your priorities and provide a solution with competitive payment options. Whether you're buying, leasing or renting Toro equipment, you can count on Toro to deliver financial options for your budget.

The three most popular finance options are:
• Operating Lease
• Chattel Mortgage 
• Finance Lease

Benefits of a Toro Operating Lease:

• Controls equipment costs and stabilises budgets year on year
• Improves ability to maintain cash reserves and conserves capital
• Increases the ability to maintain other credit lines
• You can select the option of Toro Protection Plus (TPP) to reduce repair costs
• Operating lease payments are generally tax deductible
• Take advantage of the productivity gains by having access to new technology
• Operating Lease contracts offer flexibility

Cash Management:

• Lower monthly payments
• Improve your cash flow
• Preserve your capital
• Retain cash for alternative uses

Flexibility and Convenience:

• Variety of end-of-lease options: re-lease, purchase or return
• Tailored repayment options
• Simple documentation
• Master documentation available to reduce future paperwork

It is strongly recommend that you seek your own financial advice to make sure the options you select are appropriate for your circumstances. All applicants are subject to meeting the financier’s credit standard.

For more information, call your Toro representative or 0447 768 072.