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Remote Controlled Compact Utility Loaders

Remote Controlled Compact Utility Loaders

Toro Australia and HMS Group are proud to announce a partnership to create remote controlled compact utility loaders for use in mining and industry.

Toro® TX 1000 and 320-D compact utility loaders are now available with a Hetronic Industrial Radio Remote Control (RRC) System

Building on Toro’s popular and highly productive TX 1000 and 320-D compact utility loaders, the new machines will be converted to Australian compliant radio remote control by HMS Group’s company, HMS Equipment. The home of the HMS200 Mini Loader, HMS Equipment has spent four years developing and testing a radio remote control system for its own Mini Loader product – a low profile, highly maneuverable skid steer machine, primarily designed to collect fallen coal from under and around active conveying systems.

To be utilized where manned operation of equipment is not safe or efficient, the new Toro 320D_RC and TX1000_RC machines leverage the research and development undertaken by HMS Equipment, to deliver a robust and reliable remote control alternative to conventional, manned equipment. The new RC machines feature innovative single toggle skid steer functionality, proportional load sharing valve banks and the ability to operate up to four functions simultaneously – all from the comfort and safety of an ergonomic radio remote control.

About the products:

The Toro TX1000 compact utility loader is specially designed to transport and lift heavier loads. The innovative vertical lift loader arms are a Toro exclusive, with a 453.6 kg rated operating capacity. When the loader arms are fully extended, the hinge pin measures an impressive 206cm (81 inches) from the ground to allow the TX 1000 to easily reach over the side of 23m2 dumpsters and 1000kg trucks to maximize jobsite productivity. The vertical lift loader arms also keep the load closer to the machine to allow operators to lift more weight with greater confidence.

The Toro 320-D compact utility loader is built to deliver a high power-to-weight ratio in the compact utility loader category. At only 104 cm wide and with zero-turn capability, this compact utility loader can access confined spaces. With a 4 Paw independent 4-wheel drive traction system, it’s sure on its feet in any environment, wet or dry.